This site encourages you to visit etruscan and runes letter carvings.

To see as many as you can, it is advisable to use a cross road car.

It would be best to use an electric vehicle. The closest best alternative is to use the Fiat Panda Cross[1][2].

[1] Disclaimer. This site is no profit. No endorsement is given by FIAT, nor sought. The advise is not given out of hope for gratification or fear of reprisal, but out a deep personal conviction. The thing has a life of its own: off the road it is more like riding a mustang horse, than a car; on a freeway you cruise at 170 km/hr where it is allowed.


Presently the site is written using the englalian language, i.e. a combination of the english language and of the italian language, as it comes.

With time each entry in the handbook will have the following row lines:

  1. the etruscan letters;
  2. the transliteration from the etruscan letters into the roman letters;
  3. the interpretation in italian;
  4. the words rearranged to make the phrases more intelligible;
  5. the translation in english.

With this arrangement it is possible to trace back, starting from the english phrase, where a certain word is written in etruscan.

At present, for expediting, the 1st row line is not yet present, but photos are provided as each site is visited. However, the inclusion of the first row line is a priority.

Until this program is completed, this wok can be still enjoyed by users not versed in italian and contemporarily in english, by searching for “Google translate”. As one does so, two boxes will appear: one can insert a word or even a phrase and, miracle, the translation from any language into any other language promptly appears.

Each entry in the handbook is listed in the GoogleEarth file. The order of the listing in both the handbook and in the GoogleEarth file is established with the aim to obtain the shortest possible path to go through all the inscriptions.

P.S. The author (and the management of the site) is not responsible for any negative incurred while using the information provided in this site or the sister sites,, E.g. while visiting the runestones or etruscan letter carvings one can be charged by a moose, a boar, bitten by insects giving any sort of disease, charged by packs of dogs, vipers, incurring in any act of the gods, etc.